PIRIOU Wins French Caribbean Tug Order



PIRIOU recorded a new order for an OST 30 of its tug range dedicated to towage, says a press release published on PES website.

About the order

As the operator of Pointe-à-Pitre harbor in Guadeloupe (French Caribbean island), CARAIBES REMORQUAGE confirmed the construction of a 30.30m tug with 55 tonnes bollard pull and azimuth stern propeller. Built-in Vietnam, its delivery is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2018.

Satisfying Customer’s need

Vincent Faujour, PIRIOU Group General Manager declares: ‘‘we are glad we won the trust of a new operator of this sector. With nearly 20 years of experience building tugs, we keep strengthening our position as a significant actor with sea proven designs and a strong ability to customize our vessels to answer the specific requirements of our customers”

Replacement of fleet

Felix Ramaye, CARAIBES REMORQUAGE Manager: ‘‘we are pleased to purchase this new tug of over 4500 hp. This investment is part of the Jarry terminal’s development and the increase of the capacity of the container ships we have to assist. ‘Pointe Tali’ is going to replace in our fleet venerable 50 years old ‘Pointe Jarry’. We will therefore have two azimuth tugs of 55 and 47 tonnes bollard pull equipped with fi-fi available. They answer the Port Authorities requirements and will allow us to operate vessels up to 6500 TEU’.

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Source: PES



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