Do You Have a Plan to Report Fuel Consumption to IMO?


IMO Announcement on Mandatory Fuel Consumption Data Collection System


At its recent 70th session in London, the MEPC (Marine Environment Protection  Committee) of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) announced that they  would be adopting a mandatory fuel consumption data collection system for the  shipping industry.  This new regulation will apply for all ships above 5,000 gross tonnage and will start from 2019.  All ships will have to submit the data to the IMO database.

Earlier this year the EU (European Union) outlined the MRV shipping regulation coming  into effect from Jan 1, 2018 which requires large ships (over 5,000 gross tonnage) to  monitor their Co2 emissions and other relevant information including fuel consumption  on journeys to, from and between EU ports and also when in EU ports.

The Viswa Energy Efficiency Monitoring System (VEEMS) is capable of maintaining and  reporting the information to meet both the IMO and EU MRV regulations. This is in  addition to many other features including Trim Optimization, Hull and Propeller  Efficiency, Voyage Optimization and Engine Efficiency information.

If you would like to have more information on the VEEMS unit, please contact us at

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