What are Your Plans to Meet SOx Emissions Regulation?


On 1.1.2020, the Marine industry will have to be ready for the landmark regulation passed by the IMO, regarding controlling the SOx emissions from engines that use marine heavy fuels. The regulation mandates, 0.1% Sulfur fuel usage in Emission Control Areas (ECA’s) and 0.5% Sulfur fuel usage sulfur globally. Using low sulfur distillate or hybrid fuels is very expensive, while using alternate fuels such as LNG or Biofuels has a very limited operation range. The best option is to fit a scrubber at the marine engine exhaust and ensure emissions stay within the limits.

What are your plans to meet this regulation?

Viswa’s H-Scrubber introduces a unique and innovative Scrubber (patented) delivering superior scrubbing performance. Its added benefits are, small in size, lighter by weight and easier to install/retrofit on a engine exhaust.

It has been developed by a world class team of engineers and designers with over 100 years of experience in supplying solutions for petroleum, power and process industries. In addition to Viswa’s vast experience in the marine industry, the Viswa’s H-Scrubber is our innovative design, which is modular, flexible, and customizable for each vessel as per its need.

The H-Scrubber is a single scrubber solution (available with both open loop and hybrid options that can treat exhaust gas streams from All combustion sources including the Main and Auxiliary engines, and the Auxiliary boilers.

In contrast with the already available vertical scrubbers, the H-Scrubber typically has a 50% smaller footprint, 50% lighter weight and a lower maintenance cost. The vessel can carry more cargo (equal to the weight/space saved), with use of lesser power to haul a smaller weight (50% Weight saving). It allows huge savings in installation, ease of maintenance and is user friendly. The engine immobilization time is just a few days and the skid mounted Scrubber installation time is a fraction of other scrubbers in the market.

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  1. Understand, horizontal scrubber is the newest baby in the Scrubber family. It looks like a well thought out design, for easy installation and minimum off hire period. The skid mounted horizontal scrubber unit could be installed by riding crew while sailing. Amazingly, immobilization is required only for a day or two to connect gas inlets, outlets and gas dampers on engine and boiler exhaust pipe stalks. I am sure sooner many scrubber makers will be switching from vertical to horizontal design as owner certainly want the least off hire period. Engineers would love it as they can just open the door, walk in and do interior inspection as well as maintenance.

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