“Pledge To Plan” For Shippers To Reduce Carbon Emissions


Schneider (NYSE: SNDR), a premier multimodal provider of transportation, intermodal and logistics services is hosting its Transportation Sustainability Summit in Long Beach, California, this week where the company will unveil to customers the “Pledge to Plan, a process to support shippers in preparing their transportation strategy to meet the sustainability goals defined by their organization, reports Business Wire.

Reducing emissions

“We are working together to understand, measure and reduce scope 3 emissions,” said Schneider Senior Vice President of Van Truckload John Bozec. “We continue to advise customers on how the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supply chain fits into their overarching emissions reduction goals. We must challenge ourselves to pursue a more sustainable future by influencing those that we work with within the industry.”

As companies are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues around them, achieving sustainability in the supply chain is a critical corporate goal touching almost every industry. As a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, Schneider is proud to demonstrate how the organization continues to reduce its own environmental impact while leveraging knowledge and expertise to support customers across the supply chain in creating efficiencies.

“No one sector is the answer to sustainability. Collaboration is the key to making meaningful change and reducing carbon emissions throughout the supply chain,” said Bozec.

Schneider’s Transportation Sustainability Summit is the first-of-its-kind event for shippers to hear from industry experts on the acceleration of sustainability across transportation, alongside discussion of key trends and solutions that are leading the charge, such as electrification. Customers at the summit will receive a closeup look at Freightliner’s eCascadia, the manufacturer’s electric Class 8 truck. Schneider is planning to add 62 eCascadias to its southern California intermodal operations in late 2022/early 2023.

“The scaling of zero-emission vehicles is a critical component of reaching our goal to reduce carbon emissions by 7.5% per mile by 2025 and by 60% per mile by 2035,” said Bozec. “Schneider is excited to be at the forefront of this pivotal evolution in the industry and continue educating the world around us on sustainable transportation opportunities.”

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Source: Business Wire


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