[Podcast] Havila’s Norwegian Coastal Voyage

Credit: John O’Nolan/Unsplash

In order to discuss the Norwegian Coastal Voyage and the new Havila ships unveiled throughout the previous year, Lasse Vangstein of Havila Voyages joins the programme, as reported by Life in Norway.

Norwegian coastline cruise

In the past ten years, interest in the Norwegian coastline cruise has increased. Travellers from all over the world come to Norway to enjoy the entire coastline cruise, even though it continues to offer a crucial transportation function for cargo and local passengers.

Hurtigruten has been the only operator along the route for a long time. Travellers now have options as Havila Voyages is putting brand-new ships into operation.

Havila Voyages’ Lasse Vangstein joins the programme to discuss the history of the coastal service, what makes the journey unique and alluring to tourists from around the world, and what Havila’s new ships offer.

Listen Here:

68: The Norwegian Coastal Voyage with Havila

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Source: Life in Norway