Police Dog Sniffs Out $900M Worth Cocaine in Banana Shipment

Credits: Sue Zellers

A dog has helped police in Italy catch a huge consignment of drugs, reports abs News.

Cocaine bust 

Officials said on Tuesday that with the help of this dog, the Italian police seized 2700 kilos of drugs sent from Ecuador hidden among a pile of bananas. This huge quantity of drugs was hidden among 70 tonnes of bananas. Police has estimated that the price of this cocaine of very good quality will be $900 million (about Rs 7200 crore) in the international market.

According to reports, this consignment of drugs was being sent to Armenia via Italy. Police found something suspicious about two containers that arrived at Gioia Tauro Port, so they decided to search these containers. In fact, the police had received information that the company which sent these bananas had never sent such a large quantity of fruits before. The officers then enlisted the help of a dog named Joel, who found boxes of cocaine among a large pile of bananas.

Dog sniffs out drugs

Police said that as soon as Joel approached the container, he immediately climbed up and quickly started moving the pile of bananas aside.

According to officials, if Joel could not catch the smell of drugs, it would have reached Armenia via Italy via Georgia. From 2021 till now, the authorities at this port have seized 37 tonnes of cocaine worth thousands of crores in the international market. Explain that drugs are smuggled from many South American countries including Ecuador to all parts of the world.

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Source: abc News