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War is a thing that never changes no matter what anyone has to say or do about life itself. Over the years, man has always been in conflict as it seems every little thing triggers their anger. Furthermore, from the way things are looking, it doesn’t seem like war will ever be a thing of the past as it will always continue. On this list, you will get a firsthand view of some of the countries with the strongest military power as it relates to active soldiers and weaponry – tanks, boats, missiles, jets, etc. In addition, the military budget plays a lot in the power a country holds, so let us take a trip…


Sure enough, a lot of people don’t seem to have Australia on their minds when it comes to military power but how you are in that. Australia’s military power is a lot stronger than the public is led to believe as they possess well over 58,000 active soldiers, 52 ships, 408 aircraft, and 59 thanks. This is certainly a lot to have and from the look of their weaponry base, it is clear their military budget is strong enough to sustain the power they push.


Argentina has quite a larger number of active military personnel compared to the last few countries mentioned on this list. Currently, their active military stands at around 75,000 and we can say they also have some good amount of reserves awaiting a call. The country focuses on its military to some extent as they ensure around $5.6 million is allocated to their military financing each year. That budget is responsible for all personnel and machinery that is used.


2022 will certainly be a year Ukraine will not forget in their history as it marks the year they were invaded by Russian military forces. By far, Ukraine has one of the most amazing and impressive military forces compared to the country’s population. Currently, Ukraine has around 3,784 combat tanks which is amounting to what a lot of countries would be combined. 


While Canada has a larger landmass than the United States, its population is an estimated 10 percent of what the US has. Interestingly, Canada has around 79,000 active members and is said to be one of the strongest military forces in the world. They have a large reserve personnel status and enough weapons that are well equipped to take on any tasks they set to complete. In addition, they have a set budget set aside to fully sustain their military power.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a large population but we have to confess that their military strength is relatively small for the number of people living there. To date, Saudi Arabia’s military force stands at around 231,000 active members and a budget that is very well sustaining. However, the strength of their military lies mainly in their large number of weapons including a large number of fighter jets. They do have soldiers in reserve but are a little on the lower side compared to many other countries on this list.

North Korea

When it comes to North Korea, we don’t think there is another country with as many secrets as them. For a long time, North Korea has always kept everything about their country under a bushel as they don’t desire for their enemy to have any lead about them should anything go down and they may need to strike. 


Iran has one of the largest and most financed military powers among all the countries presented on this list. The country set aside an estimated $81 million for military servicing as they have more than 930,000 soldiers with some 534,000 of them being on active duty. With a large population, we can say they have utilized a lot of their people who have a passion to serve, and with such a large military status, we can only imagine the strength of their weapon base.


Germany has a strong history when it comes to having a powerful military system as back in World War 2, Germany is said to have had more than 3.5 million active soldiers. However, as the years passed by, this number started to go down on a rapid scale. To date, Germany has only around 60,000 active troops but more than 325,000 in reserve.


Japan might be the only country on this list with a fate that notes – they are not allowed to have a military force. This sanction was made as a result of the outcome of World War 2 where the country is concerned and what they did. However, they have gone ahead to try and divert around this sanction to form their forces under the title of being a “self-defense force”. They have managed to maintain this military status with an allocated budget to help keep their strength going.

The United Kingdom

The budget the United Kingdom allocates for their military is a combination of numerous countries based on the amount. The country sets an estimated $62 billion to maintain the strength of their military as along with strong manpower they also have an estimated 879 aircraft, 66 naval vessels, and 407 tanks.


India is one of the largest countries in the world, the seventh-largest to be exact, so it should be no surprise that they should have one of the largest military forces in the world. Well, this is true as records show the country has an estimated 1.3 million active soldiers and a large number in reserve. India also has a large collection of machines and other weapons that they used to provide strength to their already large manpower.


When it comes to the strength and power of a military force, we can safely say China is by far the supreme leader. China has well over 2.3 million active soldiers and more than 1.2 million soldiers in reserve. They also have one of the largest military budgets in the world at an estimated $166 billion per year. With such large manpower and thousands of tankers and fighter jets, this budget is well worth it as there is a lot to sustain and maintain.


When it comes to landmass, Russia has the greatest so without a doubt, their military force has to be strong to protect the wide borders they have. It is reported that Russia has well over 15,000 tanks and more than 350 ships in addition to a large number of active and reserve personnel they have. Russia is known to spend the most money when it comes to cyber technology.


We have to give credit to Israel for being such a small country yet having such a strong military force. They set aside an estimated $18 billion annually to sustain their military strength as well as the weapons they have in store. Furthermore, they have one of the largest active personnel forces with over 8.7 million as there is a rule that notes everyone is required to serve in the military once they reach a certain age.

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