Popular Nozzle Hack Busted And Proved To Be More Expensive

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We all engage in some worthless activities throughout our lives that we believe ourselves would make our days a bit simpler but that have little to no positive impact. A couple of examples from the past include forgetting to snooze the first two alarms while setting three, and bringing a packed lunch to work but eating at Greggs instead, as reported by Daily Record.

Meaningless hacks 

According to the Mirror, there is one more practice that many of us engage in each time we stop at a gas station that proves to be a pointless “hack” and may really be costing us more money than it is saving. A Reddit user said that keeping the fuel nozzle up to gather every last drop of fuel when filling up your car is absolutely meaningless in a post that went viral on social media.

In response to a post about industry ‘secrets’, the unnamed author said: “Not really a secret, but the nozzle of a petrol pump is where the cut off for fuel is. Holding the hose up to ‘get every drop’ doesn’t do anything.”

Sudden realization

The revelation left many social media users feeling like ‘morons’ for not realising they were wasting their own time sooner. One person replied: “God I’m a moron.”

Another commented: “Oh my god, I’ve only ever had an electric car so not something I’ve thought about but my partner does this – I’m going to tell them to stop p***ing about now.”

The myth was further squashed by a fuel expert who said attempting to get the last few drops of fuel out of a petrol nozzle will only result in costing you more money for the tiny reward.

David James, Sales Director at Right Fuel Card said: “Pumps are able to detect air pressure and will stop when they can sense that the tank is full. Any fuel pump after that point will likely end up on the ground through an overflow tube, so those few extra clicks will likely just be costing you a few extra pennies for nothing.”

He advised: “Check to see if your local supermarket is running a deal and if so get your shopping first to get your money off or extra points vouchers.

“It’s also worth looking out for deals with bank accounts. As well as getting a reward for switching, you can often get cashback for fuel purchases.”


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Source: Daily Record


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