Port-IT Launches Naval Wolf Vulnerability Management for Maritime Cybersecurity


Port-IT is excited to introduce a new addition to its cybersecurity portfolio: Naval Wolf Vulnerability Management. This service is specifically tailored for the maritime industry, meeting the mandatory requirements of the new IACS E26 & E27 regulations for newly built vessels.

Addressing Maritime Cybersecurity Threats

As maritime cybersecurity threats become more complex, the need for comprehensive security solutions is critical. Traditional security measures often fail to identify and address vulnerabilities effectively. With the increasing discovery of software vulnerabilities, early detection and mitigation are essential to prevent exploitation.

Unique Features of Naval Wolf

Naval Wolf stands out due to its user-friendly data presentation and its capability to check for compliance issues with standards such as ISO, DIS, GDPR, and more. This service scans both IT and OT environments to identify a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Scanning Tools and User Management

Naval Wolf Vulnerability Management employs a variety of tools to conduct thorough scans of a vessel’s network. Managed through Port-IT’s web portal, customers can use a single login to oversee all their cybersecurity services. This centralized management system simplifies the user experience.

Predictable and Cost-Effective Pricing Model

Unlike other systems that charge per device, Naval Wolf’s pricing model is based on a per-vessel cost. This approach allows shipowners to predict implementation costs more accurately, making it a cost-effective solution for maritime cybersecurity.

This innovative service by Port-IT ensures robust protection against cybersecurity threats, aligning with the latest regulatory requirements and offering a streamlined, user-friendly experience for maritime industry stakeholders.

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Source: Digital Ship