Port of Houston Starts Billion Dollar Ship Channel Expansion


The Port of Houston and the United States Army Corps of Engineers staged a start-off event in the Houston Ship Channel to officially kick off Project 11, a $1 billion extension of the Houston Ship Channel, says an article published in BIC Magazine.

Sustaining national security

The goal of Project 11 is to enlarge and deepen the Houston Ship Waterway, making it safer for ships to navigate the 52-mile channel.

The development of the channel, according to Port Houston officials, is crucial to maintaining national energy security, domestic manufacturing growth, prospering U.S. exports, and expanding job prospects.

“As energy and manufacturing exports increase and vessel sizes grow, improving the channel is nationally important,” said officials.

Environmental benefits

“I am proud to help advance Project 11 for the host of environmental benefits it offers and because of the critical role it will play in fostering commerce,” Congressman Al Green’s Office said in a news release Wednesday. 

“Together with the Biden administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and my colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle, I supported the acquisition of over $140 million in federal funds for Project 11 to help ensure its completion by 2025.”

Industrial facilities 

“According to the Port of Houston, the Port annually sustains over three million U.S. jobs, supports over 200 industrial facilities along the Houston Ship Channel, and generates over $800 billion in economic value,” said Green. 

“I look forward to advocating for the Port of Houston’s future activities keeping Texas and the city of Houston as a top exporter across our nation and leading competitor around the world.”

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Source: BIC Magazine


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