Port Unity For Green Seas


At the COP28 Shipping Summit in Dubai, IAPH President Jens Meier urged ports to collaborate on decarbonization. IAPH is releasing a Port Readiness Level tool. Patrick Verhoeven stressed ports’ role as Clean Marine Fuel Hubs and advocated for a global market-based measure for funding. Brazil joined the CEM Hubs initiative led by the UAE and Canada. Canada pledged 165 million CAD for its port energy transition, and UAE’s AD Ports Group signed an MOU for a hydrogen production hub with MASDAR. More announcements are expected in 2024 from CEM Hub participants.

Collaborative Approach for Decarbonization

IAPH President Jens Meier urges ports to collaborate on knowledge-sharing for faster decarbonization. Emphasizes joint efforts for infrastructure development and readiness tools.

Market-Based Measures for Energy Transition

IAPH Managing Director Patrick Verhoeven highlights the role of ports as Clean Marine Fuel Hubs (CEM Hubs) and stresses the need for a global market-based measure to fund an equitable energy transition.

CEM Hubs Initiative Expands

Brazil joins UAE and Canada as a member of the CEM Hubs initiative, focusing on international collaboration for funding, safety, and network operation. Canada announces significant funding for energy transition in its ports.

 Global Partnership for Sustainable Ports

ICS, IAPH, and CEM Hubs initiative work towards a comprehensive global strategy, involving energy ministers, IRENA, GMCD, and other partners, to address challenges and promote sustainable practices in the maritime industry.

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