PortMiami Sets Sail Again!

Credit: via Miami Herald

The names of the individuals involved in the crash were disclosed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and their identities are provided in the following story, as published in Maimi Herald.

Fatal collision

PortMiami reopened after a fatal ferry collision caused a boat to sink, resulting in one fatality and one person hospitalized. The incident disrupted travel plans for thousands of passengers, including those on three cruise ships. The port was closed by the Coast Guard but later reopened after the sunken vessel was recovered and the obstructed channel cleared.

An early morning accident

A collision occurred between a 30-foot boat and a ferry near Dodge Island in PortMiami during the early hours. One man, identified as Angel Dominguez, was rescued from the water by ferry workers and transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in serious condition. Dominguez informed rescuers that his friend was still missing. Unfortunately, the dive team from Miami Fire Rescue discovered the friend, Cristian Gaston Fernandez, who had already passed away. Photos of the salvage operation reveal the sunken boat, mostly intact with a centre console and a T-Top shade structure. The incident prompted a multi-agency search and temporarily disrupted travel in the area.

The aftermath 

After the accident, a video captured the chaotic aftermath, showing the drifting ferry and numerous rescue and other boats surrounding the area. Andres Asion, a Miami Beach real estate broker, reviewed his security camera footage from Government Cut but realized it only captured the scene west of the actual accident. Recognizing the importance of the footage, he shared it with the U.S. Coast Guard to assist in their investigation. Asion expressed his disappointment, stating that the incident was a result of someone’s serious lack of attention.


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Source: Miami Herald


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