Port’s Bold Investment Transforms Historic Building into Innovation Hub

credit: portseattle

The Port of Seattle sets sail towards a pioneering transformation with a $32.6 million commitment to turn the historic Ship Supply Building at Fishermen’s Terminal into a groundbreaking Maritime Innovation Center. This ambitious endeavor aims not only to modernize an iconic structure but to propel the maritime industry into a new era of sustainability and progress. The portseattle news source.

  • $32.6 million investment to transform historic building into a hub for maritime innovation.
  • Maritime Innovation Center aims for Living Building Challenge certification, fostering global industry attention.
  • Project combines architectural revival, workforce development, and historical enrichment at Fishermen’s Terminal.

A Vision Realized

The Port of Seattle Commission has taken a resolute step towards revitalizing the historic Ship Supply Building at Fishermen’s Terminal by earmarking $32.6 million for the creation of the Maritime Innovation Center (MInC). This visionary project seeks to transform the aged structure into a cutting-edge global hub for maritime innovation, echoing the Port’s commitment to sustainability and progress.


The MInC aspires to attain the esteemed Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification, a testament to its innovative design and sustainable practices. With only a handful of such certified structures in Seattle, the Port aims to not only meet its sustainability goals but also to attract global industry leaders, highlighting the pivotal synergy between technology and the maritime sector.

Empowering Maritime Ecosystem

Beyond its architectural transformation, the MInC is poised to be a nucleus of maritime evolution. As headquarters for incubator and accelerator programs, it will empower startups and established businesses to refine and amplify their ventures. The MInC will also champion workforce development initiatives, ensuring equal access to maritime career opportunities across diverse communities.

Narrating History

Accompanying the MInC project is a comprehensive enhancement of Fishermen’s Terminal. With new wayfinding, interpretative signage, and landscaping, the Port aims to provide both an inviting experience for visitors and a deep understanding of the waterfront’s significance. Collaborative efforts ensure a richer historical narrative, encompassing a variety of voices and perspectives.

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