Ports Of Los Angeles And Long Beach Win Sustainability Award


  • The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been honored by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) for their pioneering Clean Truck Fund (CTF) initiative.
  • The program, aimed at promoting cleaner air at the port complex, provides funding and incentives for the transition to zero-emission trucks, aligning with the ports’ goal of achieving zero-emissions drayage trucking by 2035.

Recognition for Environmental Leadership

The SCAG recognized the ports’ Clean Truck Fund as a bold and necessary step in reducing truck-related greenhouse gases and nitrogen oxide emissions. The initiative represents a significant milestone in the ports’ ongoing efforts to foster sustainability and improve air quality in the region.

Commitment to Cleaner Technologies

Leaders from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment of their efforts to incentivize zero-emission truck manufacturing and support the transition from diesel to cleaner technologies. The initiative reflects a collaborative approach between public and private sectors to make environmentally friendly trucks more accessible and affordable.

Financial Support for Zero-Emission Technology

The Clean Truck Fund, established to accelerate the development of zero-emission technology, collects a fee on loaded import and export cargo containers to finance incentives for the purchase of zero-emission drayage trucks and charging infrastructure. Over the first 24 months, the fund has collected significant funds to support the transition to cleaner transportation options.

Building on Past Successes

The CTF program builds upon the ports’ original Clean Truck Program, initiated in 2008, which mandated the phase-out of older, more polluting trucks. Since its inception, the program has contributed to a significant reduction in air pollution from trucks at the port complex, with the majority of trucks now diesel-fueled.

Awards for Sustainable Initiatives

The SCAG Sustainability Awards recognize projects and programs that contribute to the mobility, livability, prosperity, and sustainability of the Southern California region. The recognition of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in the Clean Cities category underscores their commitment to advancing sustainable transportation solutions.

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Source: Port of Los Angeles