Ports Powering Global Hydrogen Trade Readiness

Credit: Samuel Wölfl/Pexels


  • Exploring Characteristics of Ports in Global Hydrogen Supply Chains.
  • Identifying Potential Early Adopter Ports for Hydrogen Export and Import.
  • Evaluating Research Gaps in Port Readiness for Hydrogen Trade.


The existing literature on hydrogen supply chains has gaps, particularly in the examination of ports’ role in these chains. This paper addresses this gap by focusing on the readiness of ports for hydrogen international trade. The study screens potential hydrogen exporting and importing ports and evaluates their readiness based on infrastructure, risk management, public acceptance, regulations and standards, and education and training. The findings highlight suitable forms for hydrogen trade, identify twenty potential early adopter ports, and emphasize that ports’ readiness for hydrogen trade is still in the early stages, requiring further infrastructure development, risk management measures, regulatory frameworks, and educational initiatives.


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Source: Science Direct


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