She Posed As A Man For Sex With Girls


Lesbian Who Seduced Three Teenage Girls Into Relationships By Posing As A Man Jailed


Jennifer Staines, 23 has been jailed for over three years at Bristol Crown Court after she admitted to a string of sex offences against the girls, who were aged between 12 and 17 at the time. She groomed her victims online using fake social media profiles, under the name Jason Spiller and claimed she was ‘looking for love’.

Fiona Elder, prosecuting, told the court: ‘[The victim] was not allowed to do anything to him.  He said he was circumcised and it was painful to be touched. His T-shirt was always kept on and his boxer shorts were always kept on during sex.’


  • The first girl was from Bristol and aged 13 when Staines, then 17, first contacted her via social media.  ‘She found Jason a helpful and sympathetic ear,’ she said. ‘They became closer.  They got together as girlfriend and boyfriend.’
  • The second victim, from Scarborough, was aged 17 and Staines 21 when they engaged in a relationship and had sex about 15 times, the court heard.
  • The third victim, from Bristol, was also 17 and Staines 22 when Jason touched her intimately and used a sex toy on her.

Her family was adamant Staines was actually a woman, but the victim was upset by this and even talked about having children with him.

She even went on holidays with the girls, where she would change in toilets to disguise her real shape, during her five years of deception.

Despite using condoms, one of the girls went to her doctor concerned she could be pregnant.

Miss Elder said all three victims described their intimacy with Staines as ‘normal’ in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.

Sentencing her, Judge Barry Cotter QC said she had ‘planned carefully to deceive’.

‘You did everything to ensure you had the ability to engage in relationships in which they believed you were a gender you were not,’ he said.

‘I can’t determine whether it was for love, love and sex, or just sex.’

Source: Daily Mail


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