Posidonia or CIMAC – Two of the Biggest Maritime Events at Same Time!



Two of the maritime industry’s biggest events starts today.

Posidonia 2016:

Posidonia 2016 will be held from June 6 – 10 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo.  The event is organised under the auspices of the Greek shipping community and the five major associations representing Greek shipping interests: Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Insular Policy, Municipality of Piraeus, Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, Union of Greek Shipowners, Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee, Hellenic Shortsea Shipowners Association and Association of Passenger Shipping Companies.

Over more than 200 shipyards led by traditional shipbuilding nations, China, Japan and South Korea, will be exhibiting at the event this year, followed by information and communications technology (ICT) firms, ballast water management and propulsion system providers, to service providers from the travel, health, safety and education sectors.

The exhibition will also include 40 confirmed presentations, seminars and workshops delving into the global maritime community’s prime focus, strategic priorities, issues and concerns.

The CIMAC World Congress:

The CIMAC Congress 2016 – Helsinki, Finland – Every three years CIMAC holds a major international congress and exhibition in one of its member countries.

CIMAC – is the International Council on Combustion Engines and it is a worldwide non-profit association consisting of National Member Associations, National Member Groups and Corporate Members in 26 countries in America, Asia and Europe.

In a nutshell – anything on internal combustion engines, then it is CIMAC and its associated working groups which will set the standards.

CIMAC covers diesel and gas engines and gas turbines which are used for power generation, marine propulsion and locomotives.  Worldwide members include engine manufacturers, engine users such as shipowners, component suppliers, fuel and lubricant companies, research organisations, classification societies, universities and other interested bodies.

Now coming to the CIMAC congress, this event is the 28th CIMAC World Congress scheduled to happen in Helsinki – June 6th to June 10th.  We can rather say that this is one of the biggest and a highly technical event where the brightest minds in the world meet.

Put simply, it is where the biggest companies and best minds in international marine large-scale engine development gather to discuss their achievements and ambitions in this field.

The Verdict:

Posidonia 2016 – is more inclined towards the Greek maritime industry which is mainly due to the fact that the average of the Greek-owned fleet is 11.2 years and it comprises 4,585 ships, representing 19.63% of the global fleet in dwt.  The event and the exhibitors are not limited to marine engines but also auxiliaries, shipyards, and all allied service providers.

Posidonia 2016 – would be more commercial and could witness large number of visitors.

CIMAC 2016 – would rather be an event where only the brightest minds in the Internal combustion engines and fuels would meet.  The exhibitors are mainly into diesel engines and associated systems.  The presentations and papers presented would definitely be a upcoming technology or a ground-breaking research work in the field of marine diesel engines.

CIMAC 2016 – A top technical event for the brightest minds in the maritime industry.

Posidonia 2016 – a definite ground for networking

CIMAC 2016 – a definite ground for enhancing or staying updated with the latest diesel engine technologies and trends.

Now we are sure that you must have made a decision to attend either Posidonia or CIMAC and if you choose to attend CIMAC – visit us at booth #17 and we are proud to be part of the brightest minds in the world.

Nevertheless, we would bring stories from both the events!

Videos from the Ongoing Event:

Disclaimer: This video is intended for informational purpose only.  This may not be construed as a news item or advice of any sort.  Please consult the experts in that field for the authenticity of the presentations.