Post-Covid Impacts on Shipmanagement Industry



According to an article published in splash247, the shipmanagement industry is changing during and post-Covid dominated much of the discussion at Capital Link’s Hong Kong Maritime Forum today.

Comments of experts

Peter Cremers

He is chairman of Anglo-Eastern Group. He admitted that working from home had been “a bit of an eyeopener for him and senior management at the Hong Kong manager.”

“The biggest change has been the surprise that you can work from home.”

“Without that it all falls down,” Cremers said, going on to explain how it had been vital this year to transfer more responsibilities and decision making to crews.

Angad Banga

He is chief operating officer at Caravel Group and Fleet Management.

“The world will be a different place coming out of the virus and we need to align ourselves with what it will be like, not the past.”

Remote working will leap, even as coronavirus vaccines kick in.

Mark O’Neil

On a later panel, Mark O’Neil, president of Columbia Shipmanagement, discussed how shipping tends to blame external events for its own problems, something that needs to stop post-Covid.

“We are as an industry immensely capable of blaming events for our fundamental woes,” he said citing the IMO 2020 sulphur cap and Covid-19 as recent examples.

“We should look internally at ourselves, how we can collaborate more, how we can use Covid-19 as a catalyst to bring about good change.”

Bjorn Hojgaard CEO of Anglo-Eastern

“Covid-19 has shown that when it is crunch time governments cannot coordinate.”

“The reality is crew change has been possible after the first two months of lockdown at the start of the pandemic, it is just a question of how much money you want to throw at it, how many days deviation do you want to do.”

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Source: splash247


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