Powerful Partnership Propels Green Shipping

Credit: Ian-Taylor-Unsplash

Norway heavily relies on ships to transport the majority of goods, accounting for 90% of the total. Bulk cargo constitutes a significant portion and is carried by around 2,700 different ships belonging to 2,000 shipping companies. Consequently, numerous small shipping firms operating in this market with limited means to implement the necessary measures for decarbonizing their operations, as reported by Skarv.

A need for fleet renewal

Skarv Shipping Solutions, a newly founded company, aims to address the need for more sustainable solutions in the bulk transport industry. With expertise from its parent companies, the company plans to assist cargo owners in reducing CO2 emissions and renewing the ageing short-sea fleet in Norway and Europe. Skarv Shipping Solutions intends to develop and construct up to four energy-efficient bulk carriers, capable of using multiple fuel types and delivering zero carbon emissions. The company is seeking support from Enova, a Norwegian state-owned green energy transition promoter, to realize its green projects.

Complementary owners

Peak Group and Grieg Edge have joined forces in a new joint venture called Skarv Shipping Solutions. Peak Group brings expertise in operating a fleet of 25 short sea vessels, offering project cargo and bulk services, along with various maritime industry services. Grieg Edge, as the innovation company of Grieg Maritime Group, specializes in energy and infrastructure solutions, offshore wind, and short-sea shipping. They also invest in sustainable solutions for the maritime sector. The partnership aims to provide expertise, innovation, and quality to support the green shift and meet the needs of customers interested in sustainable shipping. Peak Group’s focus on finding valuable solutions and Grieg Edge’s experience in ship technology and zero-emission initiatives will be instrumental in Skarv’s success.


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Source: Skarv


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