Preem Shipping And Sirius Shipping Partner For Sustainable Maritime Transport


Preem Shipping has partnered with Sirius Shipping to charter two state-of-the-art tankers, marking a significant step towards sustainable maritime transportation. These new-build sister vessels will enhance Preem’s transport system, focusing on renewable feedstock and finished products while minimizing environmental impact.

Commitment to Sustainability

Preem’s investment in modern tankers highlights their dedication to reducing environmental impact. Equipped with advanced technologies, these vessels are crucial for Preem’s goal of climate neutrality by 2035. The tankers’ energy-efficient design and ability to run on methanol showcase Preem’s commitment to sustainability and safety.

Innovative Shipping Practices

Implementing “just in time” practices, Preem’s tankers will adjust speed to reduce anchoring time, lower fuel consumption, and enhance safety. This approach ensures efficient operations with minimal environmental impact, aligning with Preem’s high environmental standards.

Advanced Vessel Design

The Sirius Evolution 15K tankers feature cutting-edge technology and design, including a 2-stroke main engine convertible to methanol operation, battery backup, and shore power connection. With an Energy Efficiency Design Index significantly below regulatory requirements, these vessels exemplify long-term sustainability and operational efficiency.

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Source: iMarine