Pro Editions Of Apps That Are Currently Free


NextPit compiled a list of Android and iOS mobile apps and games that are normally paid for. But are available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for a limited time as reported by Nextpit. 


This list is updated twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, with at least two versions. Some apps may have become paid again between the time of publishing and the time you read this post. The limited-time app offers on the Google Play Store are relatively straightforward to forecast, but App Store deals are more difficult to foresee because Apple does not mention how long the discount is valid.

A quick tip: Have you found an interesting app, but you can’t use it at the moment? Install the app anyway, then delete it from your device. This way, the app will become part of your app library, and you can install it again for free when you need it. A good way not to miss out on a short-lived promotion.

Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Free Android apps

  • How much can I spend? ($2.99): A personal favourite! This expense tracking app goes the extra step and helps you fine-tune your financial life by providing you easy to understand analytics.
  • Recce ($0.99): A GPS app that allows you to create your routes with waypoints as well as take measurements to check on relative distances.
  • PDF Creator & Converter ($2.99): A simple PDF editing app that lets you remove duplicate pages, convert excel files, and watermark pages.
  • Genetic Helper ($0.99): This one is for biology students! Genetic Helper is a calculator app for translations in gene sequences. You simply add the DNA sequence and all the relevant information like complementary DNA, mRNA, and tRNA and the app will quickly do the hard work for you! 
  • Cartogram ($2.99): Cartogram allows you to create beautiful live map wallpapers. You can customize the look of the wallpaper using the preset filters and you can show your live location on the background of your phone or your lock screen. Find out more about this cool app in our dedicated hands-on.

Free Android games

  • Missile Dude RPG ($1.99): Grab the largest gun you can find, assemble an army, prepare your abilities and shoot everything you see on screen in this over-the-top defence shooter! 
  • Shadow Knight ($0.99): Shadow night is an action-packed side scroller with beautiful graphics that has you fighting against evil monsters in an epic Castlevania-inspired world.
  • Infinity Dungeon 2! ($0.99): A dungeon crawler with idle mechanics. In Infinity Dungeon 2! you assemble a squad of heroes and take on the quest of eternally clearing out dungeons and upgrading your gear.
  • Crazy Car Impossible Stunts ($7.49): If you want to remember the good old days of stunt games like FlatOut or the legendary Crazy Taxi then this is the closest you can get for free.
  • Merge Number Puzzle ($3.99): A fun and intuitive puzzle game that needs you to combine matching numbers to solve the board. It is a really simple puzzle game for some stress-free puzzle solving.

Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Free iOS apps

  • PaperCal ($2.99): If modern calendar apps throw you off with their reductionist approach, then Paper Cal is for you. It takes calendar functions and turns them into different styles of journals. With over 20 themes, you can get exactly the style you like and get as close to the real thing as possible.
  • List Ninja ($2.99): This app will help you organize things in your life by rapidly creating all sorts of lists. Ninja list will help you turn into a task-ninja by letting you keep track of multiple things at a time.
  • Blur Background ($0.99): Apply a blurred background effect to all of your photos using ML algorithms. The UI is super minimalistic and the app is easy to use, allowing you to choose between different blur styles on the fly. 
  • Pindoo RSS ($0.99): An RSS feed organizer that allows you to finely curate your feed of news and articles, short them by categories, and then read them at your own time, even without an internet connection! 
  • I Ching 2: an Oracle ($1.99): Experience the Zen teaching from the famous work of Lao Tzu in a different way. This app provides insights into daily life like an Oracle by providing different interpretations to the Book of Changes. It can also be used as a decision-maker since it features coins, hexagrams, and other “divination” tools.
  • Lanse ($0.99): Quickly turn your phone into a colour reader and save an infinite palette of colours for later use. You can also quickly see information like RGB, HEX code, CMYK, or HSB.
  • Memorize: IELTS Vocabulary ($4.99): Something to help you with your daily Wordle. Memorize is a comprehensive study app with over 4,000 cards organized in different sets that help you learn new words in different fields. The cards are selected by an AI that continuously adjusts to help you learn faster.

Free iOS games

  • Little Puzzles ($0.99): Little Puzzles is a kids puzzle game that will keep the little ones occupied over 30 levels!
  • Wordrop ($0.99): A fun word game! Find words on a board of random letters and score points! The game features different game modes, achievements, and word challenges.
  • Ichallenge 1 ($0.99): A multiplayer driving simulator that allows you to play with your friends in an immersive open-world with realistic weather, gas stations, car tuning, and customization. The game features over 40 cars and can also be played offline.
  • Crystal Cove ($0.99): A puzzle game that needs you to match the colours in large combos by carefully rotating crystals.
  • AzTech: Meet the Mayas ($1.99): An educational game that teaches you everything you need to know about the history of the Aztecs.

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Source: Nextpit