Probe After Dead Whale Found On Bow Of Cruise Liner


  • A 44-foot endangered whale was found dead on the bow of a cruise ship sailing into New York City.
  • A cruiser docked at the Port of Brooklyn, which is where the animal — identified as a mature female sei whale by the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society — was discovered.

Marine conservationists and government scientists are investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a 44-foot whale carcass on the bow of a cruise liner as it approached New York City’s Port of Brooklyn, reports Safety4sea.

Whale found dead on cruise ship’s bow

Anecropsy conducted by the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society identified the deceased whale as a mature female sei whale, an endangered species typically found in deep ocean waters, far from shore.

One crucial question being addressed is whether the whale died before or after coming into contact with the vessel, as reported by the non-profit organization based in Hampton Bays, New York.

According to an online statement from the society, the necropsy conducted on Tuesday revealed evidence of tissue trauma around the whale’s right shoulder blade region, along with a fracture in the right flipper. The whale’s gastrointestinal tract was found to be full of food.

Various samples of the whale’s organs, tissues, and bones were collected during the necropsy for toxicology and pathology analysis.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) law enforcement office is also involved in investigating the incident.

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Source: Safety4sea


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