Probe on Explosion Due to Gas Accumulation Onboard



A coroner based in Gibraltar has decided to open an inquest into the deaths of two seafarers following an explosion onboard a cargo ship.

What happened?

A report says that the bodies of the Filipino seafarers who died after an explosion onboard a cargo ship are due to be disembarked, with post-mortem examinations expected to be carried out later this week.

Investigation underway:

Police are in the process of conducting interviews and investigations on behalf of the Coroner, Charles Pitto.

The flag state of the vessel, Marshall Islands, has already conducted an investigation into the incident and concluded that it was an accident.

Explosion due to gas accumulation:

The bulk carrier ship Tamar suffered an explosion in international waters in the Atlantic route from Baltimore USA to Gibraltar, where it arrived on Monday evening.

The two other crewmembers sustained serious injuries in the explosion were airlifted by Portuguese maritime rescue services near the Azores. They are currently being treated in Lisbon.

According to a Gibraltar Government spokesman, the explosion took place at the fore castle of the vessel and was apparently caused by accumulation of gases.

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Source: Gibraltar Chronicle


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