Problem Bunkers in Netherlands Antilles Similar to Houston Bunkers


In the last two days we have received reports of fuel pump seizure from two vessels which received bunkers in the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba and Wilemstad). Both supplies were from a single supplier. Additional tests carried out on these 2 samples indicate that the fuel is very similar to the Houston problem bunkers. Total Acid Number (TAN) values were elevated at 0.97 mg KOH/g and 0.92 mg KOH/g, Reserve stability number (RSN) was high at 11.2 and 10.1 and Xylene equivalence values were at the limit at 29 and 33.

We suspect that, with the spotlight on the Houston market, these fuels may have been transported from Houston to the Netherlands Antilles market. If you are bunkering in this port, please take due precautions. Make sure the supplier knows that you are aware of the problem and it is his responsibility to make sure that the bunker fuels supplied are free of these contaminants.

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