Product Tanker Collided with Bulk Carrier in Tokyo Bay


The product tanker Kiyosato Maru collided with bulk carrier JP Cosmos in Tokyo Bay southeast off Minami, Japan.

What happened?

The both vessel were proceeding on crossing routes in the heavy traffic area, as the tanker was en route from Nagoya, while dry cargo vessel was leaving the port of Yokohama. The circumstances around the collision are unknown and the responsibilities will be estimated during the further investigation.

Both vessels damaged:

The bow of the product tanker Kiyosato Maru stuck into the port stern of the bulk carrier JP Cosmos. Following the collision, the both vessels were damaged and breaches but without problems for seaworthiness and without reporting oil leaks. The local authorities initiated investigation for the root cause of the accident and ordered both ships to anchor near collision site.

No injuries reported:

There were no reported injuries among the crew. The accident was immediate reported to Yokohama Maritime Security Division and at the scene were sent inspectors to assess the damages of the both vessels.

The product tanker Kiyosato Maro was carrying 2,000 tons of naphtha and had 12 crew on board. During the accident, the bulk carrier JP Cosmos was carrying 6,220 tons of coal.

The both vessels will be released to resume the voyage after inspection and repairs.

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Source: Asahi


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