A Product Tanker drifted as Main Propulsion Engine Failed!


A product tanker that suffered an engine failure and was towed to safety by a salvage tug.


A product tanker, on ballast voyage from Yarmouth, UK to Saint Nazaire, France suffered an engine failure 35 nautical miles west of Pointe du Raz, France.  The ship contacted the local authorities for assistance. A salvage tug was dispatched, which towed the tanker to Brest.

The 4,127 DWT ship, which suffered an engine failure, started drifting towards shore.  The  crew tried to drop anchor on 24 nm off shore in Celtic sea to prevent grounding.  Unfortunately, the weather in vicinity was bad and anchor dragged under the pressure of strong winds.  With no options left the officers opted for assistance from local authorities.

The vessel has been towed to the French port for fixing power and restoring the engine.  The authorities will conduct a special survey for testing its seaworthiness, after which the vessel will resume its voyage.  Complete investigation on the accident is underway. No reports of injury or pollution from the incident.

Source: 7seizh


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