Product Tanker Ran Aground Off Russia



Accident type: GROUNDING
Vessels involved: VOLGONEFT 255
Date: 9th October 2015
LocationVolga River near Volgograd Reservoir, Russia
En Route: Samara to Kavkaz in the Azov Sea
Casualties/Oil spill: None
Identified Cause: Adverse weather conditions and strong winds.

The Russian flagged Hazard-B tanker Volgoneft 255 ran aground in the Volga River near Volgograd Reservoir, Russia on 2520 kilometer mark.  The 1976 built 133m long tanker had been blown aground by strong winds and adverse weather.  The vessel was en route from Samara to Kavkaz in the Azov Sea, carrying 2751 tons of heavy fuel oil.  The vessel grounded on the left side of the fairway.  The vessel had to be bunkered and lightered before refloat.  The owner LLC Volgotrans arrived at the location to Monitor Oil bunkering.  The work continued on 11th October due to rough weather.  There has been no reports of injuries or pollution.

Source: SeaNews