Product Tanker Stena Imperative Named



One of the world’s leading tanker shipping company Stena Bulk named its IMOIIMAX MR tanker Stena Imperative mk at China Merchants Wharf in Hong Kong.

This tanker is wholly owned by Stena Bulk and was delivered a few days ago from the Chinese shipyard CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (CSSC OME*) in Guangzhou.

Highlights of Stena Imperative mk:

  • It is designed with IMOIIMAX concept.
  • The vessel has cargo flexibility that is, the ability to quickly clean the cargo tanks for different types of cargo.
  • The Stena Imperative is the fifth of 13 tankers ordered by Stena Bulk.
  • The IMOIIMAX model is a further development of a well-established and successful concept with extra large cargo flexibility and even lower fuel consumption.
  • The IMOIIMAX tankers have 18 tanks in order to be able to transport both vegetable oils and chemicals such as oil and petroleum products.

To begin with her maiden voyage the vessel would start off to Papua New Guinea.  There the vessel would be loaded a cargo of vegetable oils to Barcelona and Rotterdam on her way to Europe.

Dignitaries Present on the traditional Naming ceremony:

The occasion was graced by representatives of corporate management, the owner, customers, partners and shipyard representatives from all over the world. Special invitees were Stena’s godmother Kim Olsson, wife of Dan Sten Olsson’s son William and her family.

Source: Cision