Progressive Web App To Help in Seamless Ship Reporting


  • A Progressive Web App (PWA) is launched by The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) for its Common Marine Inspection Document system.
  • This App offers the marine and offshore industry with standard formats to inspect vessels.
  • It comes with safety management system (SMS) ‘health check’ for quality and consistent inspections, reduces the frequency of inspections on a vessel.
  • The system is supervised by IMCA’s Marine eCMID Committee, i.e., representatives of all stakeholder groups such as vessel operators, clients and inspection companies.

IMCA reports about the recently launched Progressive Web App for a better Common Marine Inspection Document system.

Rigorous testing process

The system includes the eCMID inspection template and the eMISW template for smaller workboats.

The app mirrors the features of the current Windows application. It will allow AVIs to complete and submit inspection reports electronically while on site.

This new eCMID inspection app has been through a rigorous testing process with a group of accredited vessel inspectors (AVIs).

IMCA’s IT Services & Solutions Specialist 

“The new eCMID App has been built as a progressive web app (PWA), which will make the system truly accessible across-all platforms as it uses a web browser to run. This means that inspection reports can be completed on Android/iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Mac devices, for the first time, while improving the experience for Windows users” advised, Adam Hugo.

Advantages of eCMID database

  • The eCMID database, inspector accreditation and inspection application form replace previous offline reporting.
  • With assured inspector competence and numerous other benefits for all industry parties.
  • There is no additional cost for using the app, nor for downloading inspection reports.

Mark Ford, IMCA’s Technical Director stated:

“This is the latest and most significant development to the eCMID system and is funded by the report upload fees introduced in 2018, which were intended to enable such improvements, maintenance, and support of the eCMID system on an ongoing basis. Our development roadmap includes further additions and improvements in the months and years ahead as we work to continually improve user experience and to improve reporting and analysis.”

About the IMCA eCMID system

Provides the marine and offshore industry with standardised formats for vessel inspection. Offers a safety management system (SMS) ‘health check’.

Can help improve the quality and consistency of inspections.

As well as reduce the frequency of inspections on individual vessels through the adoption of a commonly recognised inspection process.

IMCA has published Guidance on the IMCA eCMID system which sets out details on the system’s purpose, inspection format, process and policy-related issues.

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Source: IMCA


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