PROMAR Obtains The  Second Damen PSV 3300



PROMAR manages a fleet of Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels and Fast Crew Boats which serve the global offshore marine industry.  The company has a presence in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, providing top quality services to meet the highest standards of maritime industry.  They are dedicated to providing efficient expert services and addressing clients’ most stringent requirements.  They had placed an order in January 2014, with Damen Shipyards Group for two Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).  The first vessel, Mamola Reliance, was delivered in February 2015 and is currently in service.  The second vessel, Mamola Defender, is expected to be operational in the same region.

Both vessels are at the forefront of technology in terms of equipment, reliability, excellent sea-keeping behaviour, low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions – crucial features for the offshore market.

There was a fruitful collaboration between the PROMAR team based in Romania and Damen during the construction of the vessel at Damen Shipyards Galati.  The project went well and was delivered on time.

The naming ceremony for Mamola Defender has taken place in Barcelona with official representation from Damen, PROMAR and the ship-owners.  The cooperation between PROMAR, the Ship-owners and Damen had resulted in high quality PSVs.

According to Jérôme Bouchardy, Head of Projects and Commercial Manager at PROMAR, “There was a fruitful collaboration between the PROMAR team and Damen.  Thanks to the great professionalism of all teams, as well as Damen’s excellent production capabilities, the project went well and was delivered on time.  We are very proud to manage such a beautiful vessel.  Like her Sister ship, Mamola Reliance, she has been designed and built to fulfill the highest requirements of the offshore industry.  She features a broad package of options and is SPS compliant, offering therefore additional flexibility for clients.”

Source: Damen