Promoting Mental Health And Wellbeing At Sea

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Mental health – while widely acknowledged as a very important element in overall well-being and health – is also one that can be overlooked by seafarers when working in busy roles onboard. Among the seafarer community, stigma, prejudice, stereotypes and set mindsets about masculinity can often come in the way of seeking help.

Remember DRES

During life at sea, with continuous and varied stressors, looking after yourself – in other words, practicing self-care – should be a key priority. Remember DRES: Diet, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep

  • Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol prior to sleep. Remember to drink water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Follow simple techniques like planning and prioritizing to manage periods of intense workload.
  • Short power naps, especially while working in shifts, will help combat sleep deprivation.
  • Remember to pace yourself – don’t use up all your energy in one go. Take small breaks. Catch your breath.
  • Yoga has been proven to combat fatigue. Just 15 mins of yoga daily can help you feel refreshed and give an energy boost.
  • Avoid comparison to others. Focus on your own self growth. You can decide your speed of growth.

Practicing Self-care

Self-care is not a one-time event, and results can’t be achieved within just a day or so. A consistent self-care practice leads to a healthier lifestyle. There are many types of self-care, including:

  • Physical self-care, such as healthy sleep habits, adopting an exercise routine you can stick with, and choosing healthy and nourishing foods.
  • Emotional self-care, such as positive self-talk, creating boundaries, giving yourself permission to take a pause, talking it out with crew members, socializing and connecting with family/friends.
  • Spiritual self-care, such as meditating, incorporating regular acts of kindness into your day, or keeping a gratitude journal.

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