Propulsion Failure! Cargo Ship Disabled!


  • Cargo ship loses propulsion just south of Victoria, BC. 
  • Ship taken on tow to Victoria anchorage. 
  • Crew is reportedly fixing the problem.

Erofey, a Merchant Marine Captain with more than 20 years experience in commanding oil tanker reports in Maritime Bulletin about the unprecedented incident that had taken place South of Victoria, BC, Canada. 

What happened? 

General cargo ship TAKESHIO arrived from China lost propulsion at around 2030 UTC Apr 21 just south of Victoria, BC, Canada, while passing Victoria en route to Vancouver. 

Recovery action taken

The ship was towed by Canada CG tug ATLANTIC EAGLE (IMO 9199103) to Victoria anchorage and was anchored at around 0100 UTC Apr 22, as of 0600 UTC was in the same position. Crew is reportedly, fixing the problem. 

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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