Proven: Marine Diesel Basics and Maintenance Logbooks

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Boat engine function

After completing my RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance course years ago, I was delighted to discover the new edition of Dennison Berwick’s Marine Diesel Basics. This book not only helped me refresh my knowledge but also provided deeper insights into the functioning of my boat engine. It covers various types of vessels, including yachts, motorboats, and canal boats, as well as both indirect and direct-cooled diesel engines. The book is divided into different sections, ranging from engine and drive train maintenance to sail drives, winterization, and recommissioning. Its clear and accessible language makes it particularly beneficial for novice boat owners who are still acquainting themselves with their engines and the associated technical terminology.

Inspection and troubleshooting process

The book provides detailed illustrations for each system, elucidating their workings and simplifying the inspection and troubleshooting processes. What I found especially valuable were the cautionary tales shared at the end of each chapter, which offered real-life lessons learned by fellow boaters. Additionally, the book is accompanied by recently released maintenance logbooks tailored for single- and twin-engine setups. These log books are well-designed, featuring ample space for recording essential information. Once again, the book offers useful diagrams that clearly indicate what to look for during checks, comprehensive maintenance checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked, and a convenient table of conversions and measurements at the end.

These books are well worth the investment for someone new to boat ownership, for those who have been tinkering on board for years or for owners who need a refresher.

All the books are available in paperback, hardcover and spiral bound.

Prices: Marine Diesel Basics $17.99/£14.48; Engine Maintenance Logbooks from $13.99/£11.26.


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Source: PBO


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