PSA BDP’s Electric Revolution for India’s Cargo Transport

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PSA BDP and Dow India’s visionary collaboration ushers in a new era of sustainable transportation, powered by electric vehicles and solar energy. The container-news source.

  • PSA BDP and Dow India unite for a pioneering sustainable transportation solution using electric vehicles powered by solar energy.
  • PSA BDP to introduce electric container trucks fueled by PSA Mumbai’s solar plant, reducing carbon emissions by almost 300 tonnes annually.
  • PSA BDP’s innovative partnership with Dow India heralds a game-changing shift towards green logistics in India.

Pioneering a Green Shift

PSA BDP, a prominent player in supply chain solutions, joins hands with Dow Chemical International (Dow India) in a groundbreaking partnership set to transform transportation in India, marking a milestone in sustainable logistics.

Electric Revolution

Come 2024, PSA BDP is set to roll out an innovative sustainable transportation solution, ushering in a new era of electric vehicles (EVs) for import and export container trucking. This visionary step aligns with both companies’ commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Solar-Powered Sustainability

Leveraging PSA Mumbai’s forthcoming 6.25MW Open Access Solar Plant, the EVs are poised to operate on clean energy, marking a significant stride towards zero-emission transport. The integration of solar power amplifies the synergy between PSA BDP and Dow India, setting a model for eco-conscious collaboration.

Redefining Carbon Footprints

The advent of this eco-friendly solution translates to more than just technological advancement. With the ability to cover up to 200 km on a single run, these electric vehicles promise to slash annual carbon emissions by nearly 300 tonnes compared to their diesel counterparts. This is not only a triumph for PSA BDP and Dow India but a win for sustainable mobility on a larger scale.

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