PSC Issue: Attention To The Baltimore Collision Accident


PSC Issue publishes an attention to the collision accident in Baltimore USA, reports the Korean Register.

Impact of accident

The collapsed bridge is located at the entrance to Baltimore, and the port entrance is blocked by an accident.

It is expected that recovery processing will take a considerable amount of time. Currently, Maryland has closed its ports indefinitely.

The Port of Baltimore is the 9th largest port in the United States, the largest automobile port, and the 2nd largest coal export port, with RoRo Ship and Bulk Carrier ports of entry and exit.

For the time being, the port lockdown is expected to cause significant disruption to logistics in the eastern part of the United States.


Due to this accident, inspection of USCG is expected to become quite strict, so thorough preparation is required. Therefore, in the event of a defect in a vessel entering and leaving the United States, it is necessary to strictly comply with the relevant procedures (including reporting to the port authority) and conduct a thorough safety survey through an In-Person survey of the RO, if needed.

Thorough preparation of the state of the Main engine and Steering gear system for vessels in and out of the United States is required.

Defects of main propulsion machinery occur so frequently that they occur three to four times a year in the eastern part of the United States. It occurs frequently at low speeds during LSMGO use, so you need to pay attention.

Action to be taken

Thorough self-inspection by the shipping company prior to the port of (especially for main propulsion engine and steering gear system).

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Source: Korean Register