PSG & Real Madrid – Tops the list of Top Paid Sports Club in the World.


It is well known that Real Madrid is one of the richest club in the world of sports. However surprisingly, Paris Saint Germain – the French Club, tops the list of World’s Highest paid sports club.


Across the globe, the highest paid sports team are twelve in which eight are Soccer clubs. Paris Saint Germain gets on an average of $174,692 a week and gets a total of $9 million a year.

The second and third positions are occupied by Real Madrid and Manchester city, getting paid about $166,180 and $165343 a week respectively.The Los Angeles Dodger which is not a soccer team has obtained the fifth position with a pay of $154,292 a week.The Los Angeles Dodgers is the Only Baseball team to get into the Top 5 spots.

The Much bragged Chelsea occupies eight position who recently won the BPL.