Putin Orders Border Tightening As Drones Fly Well Inside Russia

Credit: Alessio Soggetti/Unsplash

Drones that the Kremlin claimed Ukraine had launched flew well within Russian territory, with one coming within 60 miles of Moscow, as reported by US News.

Defences breached 

President Vladimir Putin ordered increased border security after drones that the Kremlin said were fired by Ukraine went deep within Russian territory, including one that got as close as 100 kilometres (60 miles) to Moscow. This indicated that Russian defences had been breached.

The strikes on Monday night and Tuesday morning aroused concerns about Russian defence capabilities more than a year after the nation’s full-scale invasion of its neighbour, although officials claimed the drones did not result in any injuries or substantial damage.

Acts of sabotage 

While stressing Ukraine’s right to attack any target in Russia, Ukrainian officials did not immediately accept culpability and have similarly refrained from directly taking the blame for other strikes and acts of sabotage.

In a speech in the Russian capital, Putin avoided mentioning any specific strikes, but his remarks came just after drones had targeted multiple locations in southern and western Russia. Authorities responded to what some reports claimed to be a drone by closing the airspace around St. Petersburg.

Hacking incident 

Other Russian television stations broadcast a missile attack warning on Tuesday as well, which authorities attribute to a hacking incident.

Local Russian authorities claim that the drone assaults were directed towards areas of Russia that were farther within the nation and closer to the Ukrainian border.

A drone crashed close to the village of Gubastovo, which is less than 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Moscow, according to a statement posted online by Andrei Vorobyov, the governor of the area surrounding the Russian capital.

Drone in question 

The drone did not cause any damage, Vorobyov said, but it likely targeted “a civilian infrastructure object.”

Images of the drone revealed that it was a little model built in Ukraine with a rumoured range of up to 800 kilometres (almost 500 miles), but it was not equipped to carry a significant amount of explosives.

Aleksandr Bogomaz, the local governor, reported the incident in a Telegram post. Early on Tuesday, Russian soldiers shot down another Ukrainian drone over the Bryansk region.

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Source: US News


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