Pyxis Tankers Sets Deal To Get Modern Dry Bulk Ship


Pyxis Tankers Inc. secures a deal to buy an eco-efficient 2015-built 82,013 dwt dry bulk vessel with a ballast water treatment system and scrubber for $26.625 million, to be funded via bank debt and cash, pending customary closing by February 2024.

Forward Caution

The press release contains “forward-looking statements” under the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, discussing plans, financial performance, and future events, subject to unpredictable risks.

Actual results may significantly differ from these statements due to known or unknown factors. Identifiable through terms like “may,” “expects,” or “anticipates,” these statements involve uncertainties about future outcomes.

Anticipated Outcomes

Non-historical or current fact statements, including financial performance, market expectations, and impacts of events like the Ukraine war, are forward-looking. Based on estimates and assumptions, uncertainties beyond control may affect actual results, detailed in SEC filings.

Refer to SEC filings for business risks. Avoid excessive reliance on forward-looking statements, cautioning against updates reflecting actual results or changes post-release, except as required by law.

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Source: Pyxis Tankers