Qatargas Join Hands With Maersk Group


The World leader in LNG exports – Qatar Gas and the box giant Maersk signed an agreement for technical collaboration where LNG will be used as a fuel – exploring latest marine propulsion technology.


LNG ships are the focus of today’s market, where it is playing an ever-increasing role.  The decreasing cost of LNG is making it more competitive.  Qatargas, world’s largest LNG exporter and the Maersk Group have been exploring opportunities for collaboration related to LNG marine propulsion technology for the last two years.

Why LNG?

LNG has the potential to further reduce emissions from shipping of CO2 by up to 25 percent, of NOx by up to 40 percent and to completely eliminate SOx emissions.

Why is this deal important?

  • For Qatargas to explore new or improved technology for Qatar’s LNG carriers and at the same time being able to contribute to the development of alternative cleaner fuel technology for vessel operators.
  • For Maersk to develop cost-efficient LNG propelled vessels.
  • To develop technology to use LNG as a viable fuel for maritime transportation.
  • To further reduce emissions from shipping of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) by up to 25%; of Nitrous Oxide (NOx) by up to 40%; and to completely eliminate Sulphur Oxide (SOx) emissions.

Source: Qatargas