Quebec Diesel Fuel Spill Removal Completed



Incident: Fuel Spill
Vessel Involved: M/T Sarah Desgagnés
Location: Salluit, West of Ungava Bay, in Northern Quebec
Estimated Fuel Spill: 3000 Litres
Cause: Severed Fuel line

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) successfully completed the last of its operations following the fuel oil spill near the community Salluit, West of Ungava Bay, in Northern Quebec.

On October 7th, Wednesday, the tanker vessel was transferring fuel to the community of Salluit, providing the town’s fuel supplies for the winter.  The emergency disconnect process was initiated following strong winds and snow.  During the disconnecting process, the ship’s propeller severed the fuel pipeline that leaked the fuel into the water.

Notifications regarding the fuel spill were sent to Canadian Coast Guard, Local Government and other partners, who responded immediately.  An initial assessment was made by the CCGS Terry Fox, which revealed the estimated oil spill of 3000 litres.

Statement by the Canadian Coast Guard :

The CCGS Terry Fox and the M/T Sarah Desgagnés have left.  I would like to extend my congratulations and gratitude to partners, stakeholders and Aboriginal groups for their enormous contribution, support and efforts during the effective management of the fuel spill operation.  This was a great example of an operation conducted professionally and efficiently.  I would also like to thank the Mayor and the community for their collaboration and support.

As we do for every incident, the CCG and its partners monitored the marine environment for residual fuel.  Transport Canada’s National Aerial Surveillance Program also conducted regular fly-overs.  

The CCG and its federal partners work hard to protect our marine environments and our coastlines and to ensure that economic activities on our waters are conducted safely and responsibly.

Greg Lick

Director General, CCG Operations

Source: Canada News Centre