Quinto Switches From Boxes To Tankers

Credits: Kongsberg Maritime

Dutch inland shipping yard Concordia Damen has been commissioned to build a tanker for Quinto Scheepvaart from Zwijndrecht, says an article published on Splash247.

Family business

This also marks the switch, after 25 years, that family business Quinto has decided to make from container shipping to tanker shipping. Quinto has opted for a 2,875 dwt, 110 m long chemical tanker.

Low resistance

Luit Nanninga, who heads up Quinto, commented: “What particularly appealed to us was that this type was designed in such a way that it combines low resistance and a shallow draft with a large cargo capacity.”

The tanker is expected to be delivered by the end of this year. No price has been revealed.

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Source: Splash247