Raging Black Sea Storm Splits Cargo Ship in Half



On Wednesday, a dry cargo ship reportedly suffered a wreck and raised a distress call.

What happened?

A dry cargo ship Geroi Arsenala sent a distress call after reportedly suffering a wreck in the Black Sea.

The ship, which was sailing under the Panamanian flag and heading from the Russian port city of Azov to Turkey, was loaded with grain.

Distress call raised:

The distress call prompted a large-scale rescue operation.

At least Eleven crewmembers are said to be missing.

Large scale mission:

Eight vessels are taking part in the rescue mission in the Black sea, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said.

There are currently 139 rescue workers deployed in the area, searching for missing crew members, Nikita Gavrilyak from the local emergency service told RIA.

11 crew members missing:

Two Russians, nine Ukrainians, and one Georgian were aboard the ship, Russia’s Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport said, as cited by RIA Novosti.

2 crew members rescued:

Four others were spotted in life jackets but rescuers were unable to find them in the high waves and strong winds. Russia is currently building a bridge over the Kerch Strait to Crimea, which it annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

At least one crew member has been rescued so far, Elizaveta Miroshnichenko from the local emergency services told RIA Novosti, adding that 11 of the crew are still missing.

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Reference: RT, Vatican Radio


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