Ras Laffan – The Gas Capital – Celebrates 10,000th LNG Loading


Ras Laffan – The Gas Capital – Celebrates 10,000th LNG Loading – An Amazing Image Inside!

Qatar Petroleum, Qatargas and RasGas celebrated the loading of the 10,000th LNG cargo from Ras Laffan Port on Monday, May 9.

The LNG cargo was loaded on board the Q-Max LNG carrier Mozah, which headed for the South Hook LNG Terminal in the U.K.  The vessel, chartered by Qatargas from Nakilat, is one of the largest LNG carriers in the world, able to load a full cargo of 260,000 cubic meters of LNG.

The milestone 5,000th LNG cargo was loaded from Ras Laffan Port in June 2011, nearly 15 years after the first loading in 1996, while the recent 10,000th LNG cargo milestone was achieved in just five years.

Ras Laffan Port is ultra-modern and one of the top exporting ports in the Middle East and Asia.  Since commencing operations in September 1996, the port and its berth facilities have been increased significantly to cater to the exports of new and expanded industries.  With six operational LNG berths, the port is the world’s largest LNG exporting facility and the only gateway for Qatar’s LNG.


While LNG ships are of various design and shapes, MFAME’s reporter has found something interesting for your eyes.

Ras Laffan

If you carefully look into the above image – the vessel does not have a conventional bulbous bow.  The area is projected transversely in the midship region to accommodate more machinery related to LNG – reliquefaction.

Share your ideas on what this could be?


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