Is This Really a Prison Ship?


Crew Held In Casino Ship Says ‘This Is Really A Prison’

The 46 crew members got stuck onboard the casino ship, due to unpaid wages, feel the stay on ship is like a ‘Prison’.


The casino ship has been detained since 5th November 2015 after failing a Port State Control inspection, as a result of an inadequate safety management system.  The 46 crew members onboard the vessel are stuck in the ship due to unpaid wages by the shipowner.

So, the crew of the ship had planned to apply for legal aid and take the shipowner to court in Hong Kong over unpaid wages.  The shipping company has been accused of failing to pay the crew’s wages, ranging from $1,300 to over $6,500 per month, for at least five months.

One of the crew members said: “I just want to get my wages and go home.”  Another crew said: “the ship is really a prison.”  He said many crew members – of whom 20 were from Ukraine, 18 from Myanmar and eight from the mainland – eagerly wanted to go home, but the shipowner has failed to pay their wages or airfare.  Those on board have complained about poor air quality, substandard food and inadequate medical care.

The International Transport Workers Federation and The Mission to Seafarers have been assisting the crew and an owner representative has reportedly promised to pay the wages after the ship is allowed to set sail again.

Source: South China Morning Post


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