Drop in Rotterdam’s 2016 Bunker Sales


‘Reason Unknown’ for Drop in Rotterdam’s 2016 Bunker Sales Volume


The Port of Rotterdam says that bunker sales at the port during the year 2016 fell to 10.1 million m3 from 10.6 million m3 the previous year.

“There is no reason known for this decline,” stated the port.

The port saw 8,483,644 m3 of fuel oil and 1,426,879 m3 of gas oil sold in 2016, down from 8,738,510 m3 and 1,634,053 m3 in 2015, respectively.

Fall in diesel oil sales:

Diesel oil sales at the port also fell in 2016, amounting to 139,035 m3, compared to 167,048 m3 in 2015.

Increase in sales of lubricating oils:

Meanwhile, sales of lubricating oils at Rotterdam rose in 2016, totalling 96,326 m3, compared to 94,857 m3 the previous year.

It was reported in August, with the bunkering of the product tanker Ternsund, the Port of Rotterdam marked the first vessel to be bunkered with LNG at the port, as well as the first to receive Rotterdam’s 10 percent discount on seaport dues for utilising LNG bunkers.

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Source: Port of Rotterdam


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