Reckless Freighter Near Grounding, Master & Officers Drunk?


Russian general cargo ship nearly missed grounding on a coast of island in Gdansk area, Poland, Baltic sea, early in the morning Dec 4, reports Maritime Bulletin.

What happened?

The ship en route from Klaipeda to Gdansk, was recklessly heading straight for the coastline, alerting Polish traffic control and other services controlling safe navigation.

They’ve been trying to contact the ship, but failed.

Ship’s sharp turn

MRCC sent fast SAR boat with CG team, but the ship made a sharp turn starboard and moved away from the coast, prior to boarding.

Bridge was either alerted by radio calls, or took situation under control by itself – it’s not known.

Drunk captain?

The fact is, Captain and two officers were found to be drunk. The ship was anchored off Gdansk, and as of 0500 UTC Dec 5, remained at anchor.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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