Recognition Of Supply Chain Security Talent Through An Award

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The goal of TT and TAPA EMEA is to shed light on the intricate theft patterns that exist in global supply networks. The organisations also advocate risk reduction recommendations and activities where it is practical in an effort to raise awareness of the difficulties in combating such crime,

Security in the supply chain

They are starting an annual award programme to recognise the accomplishments of young supply chain security experts and the upcoming generation of supply chain resilience leaders in order to achieve these goals.

“We wish to identify, inspire, and reward young talent in the industry, encouraging them to continue to innovate, communicate with their peers, and strive for greater security throughout the supply chain sector,” said Mike Yarwood TT’s Managing Director of Loss Prevention in explaining the goals behind the award.

Applications procedure 

The application procedure begins on March 6 and ends on April 28. The winner will be asked to accept their award at TAPA EMEA’s RESILIENCE@RISK Conference in Amsterdam on June 14 and 15, 2023, following the adjudication in May.

Each applicant for the prize is required to submit a maximum of 1,500 words on a supply chain security-related project they were a part of, paying close attention to the difficulty of the problem, the creativity and uniqueness of the solution, and the results attained. The TAPA EMEA and TT leadership will serve as the judges, and they will create an objective scoring matrix to choose the award finalist and winner.

Security Solutions 

The President & CEO of TAPA EMEA, Helmut Neumann, emphasises the potential for many benefits from the awards programme as a whole. “We have hopes of discovering good practices and new supply chain security solutions that we know proliferate widely across the sector, in addition to encouraging young talent in our industry. Such actions will be shared across the industry for the benefit of everybody thanks to our award and the publicity it will hopefully generate.”

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Source: TT Club


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