Record Breaking Lift – 7,700 tons lift by a Self-Propelled Crane Vessel


A Self Propelled Single Boom crane vessel achieved a record breaking lift during commissioning.

The world’s largest self-propelled single boom crane vessel, the Zhen Hua 30 commenced its final commissioning at ZPMC-OTL Marine Contractor’s Chanxiang base, north of Shanghai, in December.

The cranes have a main hook with a lift of 7,700tons in revolving mode and a 13,200 metric tons (or 14,551 tons) lift in tie-back mode.

Highlights of Zhen Hua 30:

  • Crane capacity main hoist 12000t; Auxiliary hoist 1600t.
  • Length 297.6mvX Breadth 58m X Depth 28.8m.
  • Operating Draft 13.5m to 17.6 m
  • Transit speed 12kn.
  • Accommodation 380 persons.
  • Kongsberg DPII with ABB and Rolls Royce Thrusters.
  • ABS classification.

About the company:

  • ZPMC-OTL Marine Contractor (ZOMC) is a joint venture between ZPMC Offshore Services Group and OffshoreTech.
  • The company executes a broad range of complex offshore projects serving client needs through the full lifecycle of a facility from greenfield installation, brownfield modifications and ultimately decommissioning.
  • The company fleet currently consists of two heavy lift vessels, 23 transportation vessels, five shear leg cranes, 18 tugs, 22 barges, and three jack-up barges.

Disclaimer: This video is intended for educational purpose only and not to be construed as a news article.

Video Source: vimeo

Source: ZOMC



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