Red Sea Rerouting Causes Asian Port Congestion


Asian ports, including those in China and Singapore, have been facing challenges due to increased backlogs caused by containerships diverting from their usual routes through the Red Sea. This congestion is now expanding to affect other nearby ports, reports Safety4sea.

Asian port congestion escalates

Recent reports indicate that the situation is reaching levels similar to those experienced during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. As a result, delays are becoming more probable, leading to potential price hikes for shipping and consumer goods.

Singapore-based analysts are emphasizing two major areas of port congestion. One hotspot persists around China’s Shanghai/Ningbo port complexes, while another has arisen around Singapore and is now extending to nearby Port Klang in Malaysia.

According to Bloomberg, currently, approximately 20 containerships are anchored off Port Klang, awaiting berths. Analysts said that the congestion issues are expected to persist at least until August.

Singapore officials have emphasized that the current problem stems from ongoing diversions caused by issues in the Red Sea. They noted that about 90 percent of containerships are arriving off schedule, leading to clustering of vessels.

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Source: Safety4sea