YSA Design Unveils New Concept For Sail Powered Cruise Ship


YSA Design unveils Seabreeze, a sail-powered catamaran cruise ship concept offering flexibility, sustainability, and immersive sea-focused experiences. With zero-emission wind propulsion and hybrid drive integration, Seabreeze sets a new standard for environmentally responsible cruising.

Sustainable Sail-Powered Design

The Seabreeze concept showcases a commitment to sustainability through its innovative sail-powered design. Equipped with four market-ready foldable sails mounted on high bases, the ship captures zero-emission wind energy to reduce environmental impact.

In addition, the incorporation of engines running on green bio-methanol ensures sustainable hotel operations and propulsion, with a hybrid drive option available for silent battery-powered cruising when wind conditions are insufficient. This blend of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility positions Seabreeze as a pioneering solution in the quest for greener cruise travel.

Immersive Experiences

Featuring retractable platforms, sea lounges, and transparent bay structures, Seabreeze offers unparalleled opportunities for guests to engage with the marine environment, aligning with contemporary trends in destination-based cruising while promoting sustainability.

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Source: YSA Design